What was the most disturbing thing someone asked you to do?

What was the most disturbing thing someone asked you to do?

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What was the most disturbing thing someone asked you to do?

It was just about 2 years ago

It was just about 2 years ago when my neighbor and best friend came over for our daily ritual of a beer and a smoke which on any given day could easily turn into a few beers, some shots, some more smoke, maybe some darts and finish the evening with some guitar playing and singing and having way too much fun for a work night. Anyway, on this day he just had one beer and one smoke we made some plans to hit the gym during the week and then he texted his wife to see what they were doing for dinner and got up and went home. About ten minutes later as I was still sitting on the back deck I heard a muffled pop that sounded like it came from next door. I half-jokingly texted him and asked if he had just shot something in his yard. He didn’t respond but that wasn’t unusual so I called it a night. I had no sooner laid down when I heard a blood-curdling scream from next door so I jumped up and ran over there cutting through the gate in the back yard and there was my friend laying there with lifeless eyes and a gaping hole I’m his head. There was nothing I could do for him and my brother-in-law was trying to console the hysterical wife so I gathered up his teenage daughter and son and took them to our house so they wouldn’t see him like that. So the rest of the night was completely chaotic with police and medical examiners and upset people. I stayed with the kids until the M.E. took the body away. It still didn’t seem real and wouldn’t for a long time.

Difficult to relive but the answer to the question

Ok, this is still very difficult to relive but the answer to the question is when things calmed down and I got a chance to talk to his wife who was taking the kids and going to a motel. I told her just like I’m sure everyone else did to let me know if there is anything I can do . I have said this many times to many people and rarely been asked to do anything. But without hesitation, she asked if I could please clean up the brain matter in the back yard before they got back so the kids didn’t see it or the dog get into it. Of course I said, no problem. That was another thing I didn’t see coming. So I tried to steel myself for the job ahead not knowing if I could even handle it. I have just always assumed that the police had someone that handled stuff like that but that’s not the case. They just take the body.

I will spare you the details but I will tell you it was harder and worse than I ever imagined. I’m glad I’m kind of old because it burned images in my brain that will never go away. I let her know it was safe to bring the kids home and that was the last I spoke of it until now. It’s not something to talk to people about and nobody wants to hear it even when they ask how I’m doing. So I don’t know if I effectively answered the question but it feels very therapeutic for me to write this down and

I was called into a meeting

On my first day of a new job, I was called into a meeting. At the meeting, the Office Manager announced, “Karen has called this meeting” i.e. me (I had NOT called the meeting, she had) “because she has issues with Theresa’s work and thinks her position should be terminated”.Theresa’ was my new assistant. Not only had I NOT called the meeting, I had never even met Theresa, what with it only being my first day, and only having been in the building, and in this company’s employment for a little over two hours.

The people at the meeting consisted of me, the Office Manager, Theresa, my new assistant, who I had yet to be introduced to, the Head of the Department, and my Line Manager. I was basically being set up by the Office Manager, who as it turned out, had been trying to get my new assistant Theresa sacked for some time, (for prejudiced reasons as it later turned out) but apparently needed my agreement, but instead of just asking me, had decided to try and coerce me into it, by announcing at the start of the meeting that I had “called the meeting” and that I thought “Theresa’s position should be terminated” presumably assuming on my first day I would be too intimidated and threatened to speak up for myself.

she was mistaken in this assumption

Unfortunately for her, she was mistaken in this assumption. I did speak up and pointed out I had not even met Theresa, so was hardly qualified to suggest her position should be terminated and had not done so in any case, and I certainly had NOT called any meeting, least of all the one I found myself sitting in, and had simply received an email inviting me to one.

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