How Will 150 Pushups Everyday Change Me?

How Will 150 Pushups Everyday Change Me?

How Will 150 Pushups Everyday Change Me?

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My Personal Achievement 150 Pushups Everyday Change Me?

Above you see my personal achievement on doing push-ups for 3–4 weeks. In my lifetime, I did a lot of push-ups, I even did one extremely difficult challenge:20′000 Push-up’s per 30 day’s, I was doing 667 Push-up’s per day, and learned one very important thing. I stopped my challenge on day 25, so I already did 16 600+ push-ups. I stopped because I started to feel pain in my shoulder. And I was very confused, how this happened, because I warmed up every time before exercise, and one day’s shoulder started to hurt. Then I asked that question to different workout trainers and finally, I found the reason, why I got pain, (I felt pain in shoulder more than 2 months after finishing challenge)

So the reason why I got pain, is that when you do a lot of push-ups and DON’T train other muscles on your body – especially back and backside of the shoulder, you can get injured… But WHY? Because when you are doing a push up all the time, you increase the load on chest muscles and the front side of shoulder muscles, those muscles start to shrink which results in the unnatural movement of shoulder to the front side, therefore I started to feel very annoying pain.

So But How Can I avoid Injury?

Easy Answer: TRAIN ALL BODY FOR SMOOTH GROWTH OF MUSCLES – SHOULDER, BACK, CHEST, BICEPS, TRICEPS ETC.So my answer to question: You can do push-ups daily but don’t do it like I did, try to work out all body, to avoid injuries and one more important thing: When you can easily do 20 push-ups, take bag with 10 kg or more and start do push-ups with extra weight, you will get amazing results I can say it for sure! I wish you a big chest, fewer injuries and a great day!

At age 48 I decided that I’d try a regime of pushups every morning.

I had never done them before, but one of the guys at work that was in great shape told me he was doing at least 50 each morning. I told him I wish I could do that and he said; “you can. Just start out slow and work your way up.” So I decided to try. I was in terrible shape at the time and I smoked 1 1/2 packs/day. When I began I could barely do ten. After a few weeks, I was doing 50. After a few months, I was able to do 100. I made a pact with myself to do them every other day instead of daily. After about six months I started doing 3 sets every other morning. So I would do 100 1st set, 90 2nd set and 90 3rd set. I would take a few minutes rest between sets. Eventually, I would try to ensure I was doing at least 300 every other morning. Sometimes as many as 400. I kept telling myself that I would never have believed that I could do this. To me, it was almost surreal. I guess, because I was never really in very good shape before this. I went on a diet and tried to keep my weight down and did a handful of situps occasionally. I began to feel great Physiologically and physically. The guys at work were telling me that I looked really fit. I felt good and loved the definition in my arms, pecks, and especially my triceps. I kept smoking but felt so much better about myself. The great thing was that I could do these exercises at home, in a hotel or wherever I was. When I hit the age of 60, the grinding I was hearing and feeling in my right shoulder started to hurt a lot. Eventually, it hurt so much that I had to cut back on the pushups. Eventually, I could only barely use my right arm and had to go to the orthopedic doctor. Turns out that I had bone spurs and ended up needing a shoulder replacement. At about the age of 62, my pushup days were over.

If I had it to do over again, not sure what I’d change if anything. Perhaps only do 100 instead of 300, but I don’t know if that would have mattered. In the end, if I had it to do over again I’d probably still do the pushups, but maybe a little differently. If there is one take that I would want anyone to take from this it would be; You can do anything you put your mind to. I proved it to myself. What a self-confidence booster. As an addicted smoker, it really helped to offset that self-loathing I felt about my addiction. When do other guys tell you that you look like you take really good care of yourself, what better feeling is there than that? It happened many times.

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