How Do I Clean My lungs?

How Do I Clean My lungs?

How Do I Clean My lungs?

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Clean My lungs?

The fact is that you cannot clean out your lungs. If you smoke, quit smoking. That is the most important step. But for those who never have smoked, there is no way to clean out your lungs. Ex-smokers will notice some brownish phlegm come up every once in a while for several years after quitting. This is old tar from the cigarette smoke that is excreted by the mucous glands from the bronchial tubes and the smaller airways, called bronchioles. The remainder of the tar is visible on the surface of the lungs like a tattoo for the rest of your life.
When I was sectioning corpses as part of my anatomy training in medical school, you could see who had been a smoker and who was not. Look at the photos below. The difference is that drastic!

Avoid Super-Polluted Areas

The only thing you can do is to prevent inhaling cigarette smoke by becoming or staying a non-smoker. Also, avoid super-polluted areas of the planet like Beijing or Delhi as pollution also enters your lungs and stays there partially. Just to get things straight here. There is no yes or no answer to this one, as reality is far more complex than that.
Say you are a smoker that quit Smoking. I suppose that’s why you asked this question.
By seeing how a smoker’s lung Looks like compared to a normal lung, you can pretty much understand what Smoking does to your lungs. You are asking, how do you clean your lungs. That I’m afraid is the wrong question.

24/7 the Body tries to maintain itself in the best possible health state the current conditions allow. If you stop Smoking, this innate Body ability will give enough time, and sufficient means, bring a black lung back to a purple one.

Stop Smoking

However, this process most certainly would take under normal conditions more time that you would have left to live after you stop Smoking. That’s why you see the black lungs autopsied on smokers. They probably smoked until their death, or after stopping Smoking didn’t have enough time for the lungs to clear. You do not see the black lungs because no Cleaning is Possible. Get that through your head!

The correct question is:

How can I maximize and optimize the cleaning of my lungs after quitting Smoking so as to bring them to their Initial non-Smoking state in a realistic amount of time? You can do that. You can get back your lungs in as less as 2 to 3 months of strict diet/Regime, eating and drinking only specific items. Maybe even less. All you would need to do is to give the Body the proper Tools with which it can optimize and amplify ist innate cleaning and repairing abilities. Lucky for you the lung is one the most potent self-repairing organ in the Body.

Now the question is, what can you do to help it clean itself faster?
What do you use to clean your hands when they’re dirty? Water.
The purer the water is, the more potent it is in cleaning stuff. You cannot hope to clean yourself using already dirty water, so you need to get the purest water you can get your Hands-on and drink between 4 to 6 Liters a day.

you Need To Drink Distilled Water

That’s right, you need to drink distilled water, in those quantities. To maximizes the Body healing capability, you also need to stop eating, and start fasting. Once you start eating again 30 to 40 days later, (it can be even 60 days later, depends on how fat you are), eat only raw fruits and vegetables. You will know this works because while fasting with distilled water, a smoker will start to give/spit away copious amounts of shit, that Come out of your lungs. What do you suppose will happen if you keep doing it.

In the end, the lungs will be even better as they once were once you started Smoking. There is no miracle about it. Ist just the way nature works.
However doing this seems pretty far fetched for a normal person out there, especially since doctors themselves have no idea such a thing might be possible. That’s why People probably have a hard time quitting, they say to themselves, the lungs are already fucked up, and there’s nothing I can do about it anymore, might as well continue smoking. And they do, while the Firmas selling medications round up their profits. You have to be smarter than that! Just follow common sense and observe Nature. Everything can be healed to give the proper conditions.

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