Have you ever caught your child doing something that shocked you?

Have you ever caught your child doing something that shocked you?

Have you ever caught your child doing something that shocked you?

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Child doing something that shocked you?

I was tired after a long day at work and I had just picked up my daughter from her daycare.“Can I sleep for just half an hour?” I asked her for totally exhausted. “I will make dinner after that. Are you hungry?”No.” She said nodding her head. “Can I watch TV when you sleep?”Yes sure. Just lower the volume.”Okay.” She perched herself on the sofa and I went inside the bedroom to rest. I open my eyes a little while later, my sinuses acting up.

There was silence in the room and I looked at the time. It was more than an hour and a half since I went to sleep. Shit! She must be hungry!” I leaped out of the bed and walked into the living room. My daughter was sitting on the sofa with a plate of rice. On the right side, was a bottle of water. On the left side, I could see chips and the whole snack box. She was laughing at some cartoon rolling over the floor on TV. It had no voice because she had muted it.

“Baby? What are you eating?”

“Sambar rice. And I got some curd too. You want?”How…how did you take it?”I got it out of the fridge and kept outside for some time. Then microwaved it on the glass bowl you always heat it in. I also washed the spoon and the plate before using it.” She said smiling. Why didn’t you wake me up? I am sorry.”! My cartoon. I will miss it. Come sit.” She said pushing me away from her view. But…” I tried saying looking at her plate. The sambar rice was perfectly mixed. A little matching bowl had the curd. A small part of the plate had the pickle. You want water?” She asked me.

“No. But… How did you get the pickle? That’s so high.” I asked stunned. She pointed at the stool and smiled. I looked at her shocked. Are all four-year-olds so smart or did I just get plain lucky? She saw me gaping at her open-mouthed. She took a spoonful of sambar-rice and put some in the mouth. There is more rice. Come, we’ll eat together.”Think it through. Having a child is a big responsibility. Kids are messy and demanding. They make your whole life upside down. Had I listened to this, how would I have gotten this little munchkin in my life?

A day before Christmas eve, I stepped out to run errands, do grocery, last run to the bank. I came back, tired and exhausted. We emptied the car and got inside. I was extremely tired and did not even have the energy to ask them to put things in place. And I did not.

I went upstairs, offered my prayers and somehow just crashed on the bed. An hour or some 40 minutes later, I woke up with a jerk, saliva running down my face. The moment I got up, everything I had to do later that evening came to my mind. I had to bake, cook, clean. And then the images of the dirty kitchen and things scattered all over the living room made me shudder.

I clearly had lost the battle before it even started

. Almost dragging my self through the stairs, I stepped into the living room and stopped. As if someone had waved a magic wand. The living room was as clean as it could ever be: no scattered shopping bags, no scarves and mitts, and hats, no papers, no bills, nothing. I rushed to the kitchen, sparkling kitchen table, clean counters, fruits in the fruit basket, no grocery bags, no dishes in the sink.

As if the person who sometimes helps me clean had just left.Just that the person who actually did all that was still busily brooming in the corner of the kitchen-Number 2. She turned around and saw me and just stopped to see my reaction. I gestured her to come close and when she did, I hugged her tightly, so tightly that a few knuckles in her spine cracked. To top it all off, the kettle on the stove was brewing. She knew mom would wake up tired and would want some tea with the fruit cake. I do not know what good I may have done to have such amazing children.

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