Europe without even a single case

Coronavirus Watch


Welcome to the Dailyunews. Today, in this article, I will tell you and discuss the information about Coronavirus Watch in detail.

Europe without even a single case


As WHO recently announced that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic, I believe it is a good idea to produce a compilation of informative resources that gets updated regularly. I hope this collection will help you get a bit more educated about the ongoing outbreak.

The collection is constructed by myself and your moderators in this space. in the relevant post’s comment section to suggest a candidate post, you can also send me a private message (the same goes with whatever question you might have on submission rules). All future updates are going to adopt Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, UTC

he changes that are coming for the US as a result of the lack of early response to COVID-19 will change the way we think about ourselves and the US, how we behave and, hopefully, what we require from elected officials.
Monday, I traveled from Prishtina, Kosovo, to Zürich for a business meeting. When I returned to my hotel, I learned that the Kosovo government has suspended or banned all flights coming from France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Europe without even a single case

Kosovo is one of the few places in Europe without even a single case of the Coronavirus and they want to keep it that way. A bad time for air travel. Me on my flight without return. This means that I’m stuck here for the moment. Honestly, there are worse things than being stranded in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have my Kindle reader with me and there’s a wine store just around the corner. I guess I will be okay.

I called my travel agent in Prishtina who is also a friend of mine and the guy was completely devastated by his government’s decision. “They ruined us,” he told me. The poor guy. Tomorrow, I will see if I can get a flight to Prishtina via Istanbul but I’m not too concerned. The first time I went to Kosovo, it took me months. It was war and I had to ride on a horse’s back over the Albanian mountains to get there. In comparison to what I did then, the situation now isn’t that bad.

I’m gonna frank with you guys…

all the updates don’t seem to matter right now. What really matters are the results. I found myself scrolling but I wasn’t even looking at the damn posts. I glanced at the data quickly. Then, I found myself disappointed with the last few sentences of some posts because even though there are positive things like “please don’t blame anyone for this,” or “please be more encouraging of the doctors…” something like that. But still, it kinda hurts me to see legit nothing on the shelves of my local Walmart and other places because of this. And people may be fighting oversupplies? It really hurts to see that

. People turning against each other to help themselves which I understand but still. Then I keep praying and hoping that the results and cure or something that can help speed the process of curing this disease come up soon. I don’t want to see the sights I’m seeing now. I believe I have mild depression and anxiety. I feel it getting worse to see people around me being irritated and distanced from each other. So, from Minnesota, the U.S. to those who is a doctor or scientists. You have internal support(praying cuz I can’t do s***) from me and my family. I’ll be sending positive energy to those who are working hard to curing this disease. My family uses incense to pray and do rituals but I don’t really support that due to the environmental costs so I’m just gonna pray quietly by just sitting crossed-leg

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